Facility for Printed Organic Electronics 

Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal

Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal

Chemistry and physical chemistry of carbon nanotubes and graphenes.

Widely recognized for the development and characterization of complex systems, the laboratory covers diverse areas of research from soft matter to advanced materials to the interface of physical chemistry and biology. The last decade has developed fundamental and engineering knowledge in the new materials based on carbon nanotubes and graphenes. This new class of materials will be the new generation of organic semiconductors beyond the conjugated macro-molecules as such or in composite form with polymers.

The CRPP Nanotubes and Graphene team has long been working on carbon nanotubes and more recently undertaken research activities on graphene. Soft dissolution methods for nanotubes and graphene, development of new nanotube fibers, investigations of the phase behavior of surfactant or polymer stabilized dispersions, new functionalization methods and development of novel high performances microelectrodes are among the main achievements of the team.

Thus the ELORPrintTec facility is of outmost importance for the further developments in science, technology and last but not least in conception of new products with printing technologies with functionalities combining mechanical strength and electro-optical functionalities.

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