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Access & Tools

If you want to become an Independent User of ELOPrintTec facility ask our staff to be trained  to get access to the facility.After attending a security training, you will be taught about the use of equiment and tools you are interested in. Once the training with our experts is completed, your first utilization of the instrument will be conducted accompained by your trainer in case any doubt arises. 

By means of a booking system online you will be able to schedule your experiments and autonomously conduct your systematic R&D work, by using the equipment according to availability. 

Our staff is bound by a non-disclosure agreement and most systems provide password-protected user accounts, so only you can access your recipes and results: confidentiality of your work is guarantee!

Who you are? 


You, Academic Researcher, need to make sure that your results won't be affected by artefacts induced by contamination. Working in our ISO6 cleanroom can greatly improve the reliability of your experiments.

Our experienced staff maintains equipment and facility according to strict procedures, which ensures repeatability of experiments and minimum downtime.

As part of academic institutions you benefit from a low rate.


As Start-Up, do you want to avoid large investments at once, either for high-end equipment or for having your own cleanroom? ELORPrintTec is the alternative.

The whole platform has been designed with the upscalability of the processes in mind. Therefore, any device fabrication process you create in our facility will help you to be transferred to large-scale production.

Our technical staff, qualified and experienced in the organic electronics and nanofabrication is here to assist you by training your employees.

We offer a preferential discounted price for start-ups, so that even a limited budget gives access to state-of-the art technologies.

Industrial Partners


To boost your Industrial R&D activities, and come up with innovative, out-of-the box thinking, it is important to be in a stimulating scientific environment. ELORPrintTec provides such a 'platform' where experienced and qualified researchers interact.

Your own employees can be trained to use the platform, having access to state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure without the need to purchase and maintain expensive tools.