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Cluster 4: Electrical, Optical and Spectroscopic Characterization

This cluster is dedicated to the characterization of materials and devices. The equipment allows to study material properties in bulk form, solution, thin film and in several type of device configurations. The focus lays on electrical and optical properties and surface morphology, but rheological properties and elementary analysis also belong to the possibilities.

Scanning Electron Microscope - Jeol 7800-E PrimeScanning Electron Microscope - Jeol 7800-E Prime

This Jeol SEM is designed for surface topology studies in high resolution. A state-of-the-art technology allows to maintain a high resolution, even at low acceleration voltages in order to minimize...

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Absolute PL quantum yield spectrometer - HAMAMATSU Quantaurus-QYAbsolute PL quantum yield spectrometer - HAMAMATSU Quantaurus-QY

This Hamatsu instrument is designed to measure the quantum yield of photoluminescent materials in the form of powder, thin film or in solution. This instrument is specifically suitable to...

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Spectroradiometer - HAMAMATSU PMA-12Spectroradiometer - HAMAMATSU PMA-12

This Hamamatsu instrument is designed to characterize lightsources like OLED devices. The main functionalities are: spectrum measurement luminance measurement determination of the chromatic...

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Photovoltaic efficiency measurement - NEWPORT Oriel® Sol3A™Photovoltaic efficiency measurement - NEWPORT Oriel® Sol3A™

This Newport instrument is designed to measure the efficiency of photovoltaic device. Quality of light: AAA Power of the light: from 60% to 100% sun AM1.5 Size of the spot light: 4 inches Used on...

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Quantum Efficiency - Newport IQE200Quantum Efficiency - Newport IQE200

This Newport instrument can measure the internal and external quantum efficiency of photovoltaic devices. Spot size: 1 x 2.5 mm² Spectrum range: 360 -1100 nm Spectral resolution: 10nm

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Probestation - CASCADE EPS 150Probestation - CASCADE EPS 150

This Cascade probestation is installed in a glovebox and is connected to a B1500 semiconductor analyzer. This setup allows you to characterize a large range of electronic components like capacitors,...

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UV-vis Spectrometer - Shimadzu UV2600UV-vis Spectrometer - Shimadzu UV2600

This Shimadzu spectrometer can measure the absorption, transmission and reflection spectra of liquids and thin films. double beam measurement method wavelength range: 180 <-> 900 nm integration...

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Spectrofluorometer - Jasco FP-8300Spectrofluorometer - Jasco FP-8300

This Jasco spectrometer is designed to measure the fluorescence response of solutions or thin films. wavelength range on both Ex and Em: 200 <-> 900 nm wide dynamic range (> 6 orders of...

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Optical microscope - Nikon LV100NDOptical microscope - Nikon LV100ND

This Nikon optical microscope is an accessible routine inspection microscope that has all necessary powerfull options for the analysis of small features and cristal morphology. direct...

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Profilometer - Bruker Dektak XT-AProfilometer - Bruker Dektak XT-A

This profilometer is used for layerthickness measurement and verification of small structures. It has an excellent precision over a large range of thicknesses and has several interesting options that...

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Thin Film Analyzer - TFA 2000EThin Film Analyzer - TFA 2000E

The TF Analyzer 2000 is the most sophisticated analyzer of electroceramic material and devices. The test equipment allows different characterization methods: Ferroelectric standard testing Fast pulse...

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Four Point Probe - Lucas Signatone Pro4Four Point Probe - Lucas Signatone Pro4

The Pro4 provides a simple and reliable way to perform sheet and bulk resistivity measurements. The measurement is done via a computer controlled Keithley in order to measure in the ideal current...

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