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Cluster 2: Synthesis and Formulation


This cluster is dedicated to the synthesis and formulation of materials and inks. It consists of a set of chemical synthesis and characterization tools in cleanroom environment.  Next to a focus on high purity new materials, this cluster also provides possibilities for the scaling-up of existing synthesis and formulation processes.

Reactor 2L, 5L - Buchi polyclaveReactor 2L, 5L - Buchi polyclave

This Buchi semi-automatic reactor is a powerful tool that allows the up-scaling of chemical reactions up to 5L volume. This system ensures an excellent pressure and temperature control as well as...

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Chemical FumehoodsChemical Fumehoods

There are 6 chemical fumehoods, conform with strict safety norms and equipped with: nitrogen and argon process gasses pressure regulated (upto 6 bar) primary vacuum (10^-2 mbar) recycled cooling...

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Flash chromatography - BUCHI Reveleris X2Flash chromatography - BUCHI Reveleris X2

This Buchi system allows you to purify the crude product from your chemical reaction in a fast and accurate way. Injection of liquid or solid Crude weight: up to 40g for solid or 140mL for...

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GPC / SEC - Agilent 1260 infinityGPC / SEC - Agilent 1260 infinity

This Gel Permeation Chromotography / Size Exclusion Chromotography system from Agilent is tailored to characterize your polymers molecular weigths in a reproducible manner. It is equipped with the...

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FTiR Spectrophotometer - Shimadzu IRAffinity 1SFTiR Spectrophotometer - Shimadzu IRAffinity 1S

This Shimadzu Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer is equipped with a Specac ATR unit that allows measurements on thin films and powders. It's also possible to use an external probe to...

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Rheometer - Anton Paar MCR302Rheometer - Anton Paar MCR302

This tool can be used to characterize the visco-elastic properties of liquids in a very large range of viscosities. It uses a cone-plate method in combination with a very sensitive normal force...

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Solvent purification system - MBraun SPS-800Solvent purification system - MBraun SPS-800

This solvent purification system dispenses solvents with low (ppm) impurity, water and oxygen levels. The following solvents are available: THF trichloromethane diethylether toluene DMSO

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