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ELORPrintTecEquipment of Excellence
Cluster of excellence

Cluster 1: Advanced instrumentation for top-down and bottom-up processing

This cluster is equipped for solution processing of organic semiconducting materials in the nano- or micro- structured form. Moreover the equipment allows the integration in various device architectures and system configurations.

Single Nozzle Inkjet Printer - Microfab Jetlab4Single Nozzle Inkjet Printer - Microfab Jetlab4

The Jetlab 4 from Microfab is a single nozzle inkjet printer that can drive upto 4 printheads simultaneously. This tool is used for jetting tests on new ink formulations and the printing of small...

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Mask alginer / Nano-imprint EVG6200Mask alginer / Nano-imprint EVG6200

The EVG6200® mask aligner is a classic photolithography tool that has additional UV nanoimprint and microcontact printing capabilities. With the nanoimprint module, nanostructures with feature sizes...

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Spray / Spin coater - EVG101Spray / Spin coater - EVG101

The EVG101® spin- and spraycoater can be used for the preparation of uniform coatings of either active materials or photoresists. Spray coating works with low viscosity materials, using an ultrasonic...

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Laminar Flow HoodsLaminar Flow Hoods

Seven laminar flow hoods are available and equipped for wet chemical processing like deposition, development, wet-etching and lift-off. The integrated U15 filters and automated laminar flow assure...

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Plasma EtchPlasma Etch

Reactive Ion Etching Plasma like in this equipment from PlasmaEtch is a dry etching technology using a chemically reactive plasma at low pressure. It presents the advantages of being directional,...

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