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Université de Bordeaux
ELORPrintTecEquipment of Excellence
Cluster of excellence

Cluster 1: Advanced instrumentation for top-down and bottom-up processing

This cluster is equipped for solution processing of organic semiconducting materials in the nano- or micro- structured form. Moreover the equipment allows the integration in various device architectures and system configurations.

Single Nozzle Inkjet Printer - Microfab Jetlab4Single Nozzle Inkjet Printer - Microfab Jetlab4

The Jetlab 4 from Microfab is a single nozzle inkjet printer that can drive upto 4 printheads simultaneously. This tool is used for jetting tests on new ink formulations and the printing of small...

Mask alginer / Nano-imprint EVG6200Mask alginer / Nano-imprint EVG6200

The EVG6200® mask aligner is a classic photolithography tool that has additional UV nanoimprint and microcontact printing capabilities. With the nanoimprint module, nanostructures with feature sizes...

Spray / Spin coater - EVG101Spray / Spin coater - EVG101

The EVG101® spin- and spraycoater can be used for the preparation of uniform coatings of either active materials or photoresists. Spray coating works with low viscosity materials, using an ultrasonic...

Laminar Flow HoodsLaminar Flow Hoods

Seven laminar flow hoods are available and equipped for wet chemical processing like deposition, development, wet-etching and lift-off. The integrated U15 filters and automated laminar flow assure...

Plasma EtchPlasma Etch

Reactive Ion Etching Plasma like in this equipment from PlasmaEtch is a dry etching technology using a chemically reactive plasma at low pressure. It presents the advantages of being directional,...