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Our offer

We provide the capability to explore material science and nanotechnology through an interdisciplinary approach. We deliver different levels of access to every academic institution, start-up or industrial player active in the field of printed electronics. What we offer? 

  • Access & Tools: If you are doing systematic R&D work, recurring experimentation or analysis this is the best option for you. After following the required training, you will be able to autonomously use the equipment according to availability and safety conditions.
  • R&D Service: If your activity requires our know-how and experience,  ELORPrintTec engineers can carry out R&D work or analysis assignments for you in full confidentiality.
  • Training Classes: ELORPrintTec team organizes trainings for Master students, PhD students and researchers who are willing to learn more about the state-of-the-art equipment and latest techniques.

Moreover if you are interested in a long term collaboration in the framework of a mutual research project, ask us for a partnership. For more information about our rates, please contact us