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Cluster 5: Printing Pilots

The 'printing pilots' in this cluster are all capable of sheet-to-sheet printing upto A4 size flexible or rigid substrates. These sheet-to-sheet machines allow relatively low substrate and material consumption while respecting maximum compatibility with roll-to-roll processing.

Slot-Die table coater - TSE TrollerSlot-Die table coater - TSE Troller

Slot-die printing is the technique that permits the best thickness uniformity over a large surface area, while being compatible with the high-throughput roll-to-roll technology. The ink is pushed in...

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Multinozzle Inkjet printer - Ardeje Origin D100Multinozzle Inkjet printer - Ardeje Origin D100

The Origin D100 is a table-top inkjet platform that works with industrial printheads. This tool has the accesability of a laboratory tool but allows to work with industrial printheads. substrates...

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Screen- and Stencilprinter - EKRA X5Screen- and Stencilprinter - EKRA X5

This is a versatile tool to coat an ink or a paste with a pattern in one step. The ink is pushed through either the openings of a metallic mask (stencil), or through a mesh, in the parts where it...

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