Facility for Printed Organic Electronics 



Arkema is recognized worldwide as a leader in living polymerization technologies with such developments as Anionic Polymerization of Methacrylates and Controlled Radical Polymerization Technologies based on Nitroxides. These technologies have allowed Arkema to introduce commercially a number of innovative self-assembling block copolymers among which triblock copolymers mainly used as tougheners for thermoset resins.

Arkema develops solutions for PV module manufacturing: EVATANE ethylene vinyl acetate copolymers for encapsulation, KYNAR polyvinylidene fluoride films used in combination with polyesters in back-sheet protection, and is currently working on improved solutions for emerging PV markets like building integration, concentrated PV and thin film PV.

Arkema possesses extensive know-how in multilayer manufacturing, in barrier polymers and in polymers used as tie layers, that can be used to promote improved encapsulating solutions.

Arkema is also a worldwide leader in fine chemistry and especially thio-chemistry that can be involved if organo-metallic complexes and thus potentially interesting for new organic PV devices.

The controlled radical polymerization technologies (CRP) are used for manufacturing self-assembling copolymers and are well known inside ARKEMA (especially RAFT and NMRP).

Arkema has chosen to focus a big part of its R&D resources on the development of high performance products. Priority targets have been defined, among which the development of its nanotechnologies (Self-assembling copolymers) in high-tech applications such as display technologies, microelectronics, optical data storage, photovoltaics and other energy related topics.

It is therefore clearly in Arkema’s strategy to enter into the production and commercial development of global polymeric solutions for photovoltaics applications and in the longer term, for the field of organic electronics targeted in this project.

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