Facility for Printed Organic Electronics 


As a researcher in an academic organization, you need to make sure that your results won’t be affected by artefacts induced by contamination. It is why working in an ISO6 cleanroom can greatly improve the reliability of your and your students’ experiments. Your process can be done in our cleanroom from beginning to end and is therefore completely clear of contamination.

Our equipment and facility is maintained by an experienced staff according to strict procedures, which ensures you your experiments will be repeatable and that downtime will be reduced to a minimum. 

Academic institutions like yours benefit from a much lower rate, in order to make it possible to access the entire set of equipment without putting too much strain on your lab’s budget.

Everything is done to ensure the confidentiality of your work. Our staff is bound by a non-disclosure agreement and most systems provide password protected user accounts so only you can access your recipes and results.