Facility for Printed Organic Electronics 

Access to the facility

The platform is open for every academic institution, start-up or industrial player active in the field of printed electronics. There are three different ways to access to the ELORPrintTec facility:

1. As an independent user. After following the required training, equipment can be used autonomously according to availability and under strict safety conditions. This is the preferred option for customers doing systematic R&D work, recurring experimentation or analysis.

2. As a paying customer. If your activity requires our know-how and experience, ELORPrintTec engineers can carry out R&D work or analysis assignments in full confidentiality.

3. As a partner. If you are interested in a long term collaboration in the framework of a mutual research project, a partnership can be considered.

Depending on the level of access and the type of institution/company, different rates apply to access the cleanroom and equipment time. For more information about our rates, please contact us and provide information about your activity and requirements.