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Vertical Tunnel Junction Embedding a Spin Crossover Molecular Film

Vertical Tunnel Junction Embedding a Spin Crossover Molecular Film

Thin films of a molecular spin crossover (SCO) Iron(II) complex featuring a high transition temperature are grown by sublimation in high vacuum on TSAu and investigated by X‐ray and UV photoelectron spectroscopies. Temperature‐dependent studies demonstrate that the thermally induced spin crossover behavior is preserved in thin films. A large‐area ultrathin switchable spin crossover molecular vertical tunnel junction with top electrodes of the liquid eutectic of gallium and indium, for which the spin‐state switching of the films induces a two orders of magnitude change in the tunneling current density flowing through the junction, is reported here. The results on large‐area junctions, rationalized by density functional theory calculations, demonstrate the high potential of SCO‐based switchable molecular junctions as functional devices.

L. Poggini, M. Gonidec, J. González-Estefan, G. Pécastaings, B. Gobaut, P. Rosa

Advanced Electronic Materials, Wiley, Volume4, Issue12, 1800204 (2018)

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