Facility for Printed Organic Electronics 


At the beginning of the life of an innovative company, it is difficult to engage the funds for high-end equipment and personnel at once, or to have cleanroom space. That’s why using the ELORPrintTec platform can be an efficient alternative. This allows you to avoid large investments and spread the costs.

Our technical staff is qualified and experienced in the diverse aspects of organic electronics and nanofabrication and open to discussion. They are here to help you find the right solution that fits to your needs. They can assist you in diverse manners, like training your employees, suggesting alternative process methods and even perform your experiments.

The whole platform has been designed with the upscalability of the processes in mind. Therefore, any device fabrication process you create in our facility will help you to be transferred to large-scale production.

We offer a preferential discounted price for start-ups, so that even a limited budget gives access to state-of-the art technologies.

Everything is done to ensure the confidentiality of your work. Our staff is bound by a non-disclosure agreement and most systems provide password protected user accounts so only you can access your recipes and results.