Facility for Printed Organic Electronics 

Institut des Sciences Moléculaires

Institut des Sciences Moléculaires

Multiscale design of interfacial structures, Nanostructuration and supramolecular self-assemblies, modeling methods.

The ISM brings together a community of organic chemists and physical chemists interested in molecular structures, and working on their creation, synthesis, characterization, reactivity and analysis in various environments. Their multi-disciplinary skills allow them to develop research projects on transversal themes in the Institute: surfaces, interfaces and materials, nanoscience, green chemistry and catalysis, bioactive and natural molecules, modeling.

The work of the Materials team of ISM concerns both design and synthesis of ?-conjugated systems and molecular sol-gel precursors to process hybrid materials and semiconducting oxide nanoparticles for gas sensing, photovoltaic conversion and catalysis.

The Theoretical Chemistry team of the ISM focusses on a multiscale approach of the physical properties of the solar cells and works on the understanding of the physico-chemical features of, among others, the dyes absorbed on the surface of TiO2 in order to propose new molecules to be synthesized.

Access to the high performance preparation and characterization tools of the ELORPrintTec facility for better evaluation of the materials and devices is essential for ongoing and future research projects. These additionally benefit from the possibility for scale-up of the deposition of the materials, and use the in-house skills and competences in modeling of the materials at all length, time scales and device architectures.

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