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Université de Bordeaux
ELORPrintTecEquipment of Excellence
Cluster of excellence

Address:Facility for Printed Organic Electronics

Plateforme ELORPrintTec

Allée Geoffroy Saint Hilaire, Bâtiment B8 RDC

CS50023 - 33615 Pessac Cedex

ContactTuesday 28 June 2016 by SMAAL Willem. Last update Tuesday 28 June 2016
Laminar Flow HoodsFacility for Printed Organic Electronics

Seven laminar flow hoods are available and equipped for wet chemical processing like deposition, development, wet-etching and lift-off. The integrated U15 filters and automated laminar flow assure ultra-clean working conditions. Two laminar flow hoods are equipped with high precision spin-coaters with an automated dispense unit.

Cluster 1: Advanced instrumentation for top-down and bottom-up processingTuesday 28 June 2016 by SMAAL Willem.